Librarian 2.0 formula

Companies have to earn the customer’s trust everyday.

That credo reminds me of Darlene Fichter’s radical trust in her Library 2.0 formula:

Library 2.0 =
(books ‘n stuff + people + radical trust) x participation

Darlene Fichter’s radical trust is kind of opposite to the motto trust has to be earned:

Radical trust is about trusting the community. We know that abuse can happen, but we trust (radically) that the community and participation will work. In the real world, we know that vandalism happens but we still put art and sculpture up in our parks. As an online community we come up with safeguards or mechanisms that help keep open contribution and participation working.

In Fichter’s formula, seen from the perspective of the librarian, it is about “trusting users as co-developers”.

But what if you turn things round and look at it from the perspective of the user, who for the first time meets a librarian 2.0? In that case applies the phrase trust has to be earned, doesn’t it?

This brings me to the following formula:

Librarian 2.0 =
(services ‘n stuff + persons + trust earned) x interaction

No books ‘n stuff, but services ‘n stuff.

No patrons, preferably neither users, but persons: the user of the past now asks for personalized services.

Those persons do not radically trust us from the beginning, we have to gain their trust first.

In Fichter’s formula the “scaling up factor” is based on participation, in my formula I put interaction in place.
Without services, persons and trust earned there can be no interaction and it is precisely that sort of communication that makes a librarian 2.0.

Librarian 2.0 formula

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